Framing function cycles

Hi Oz
I’m wondering if there is a setting somewhere that will allow a number of cycles for framing. I would like to be able to exicute the frame and have my diode laser to cycle two or three times. My computer is not right at the laser so by the time I start the frame function and get to the machime, it’s a third of the way around. I either need a delay or more cycles. If there is not currently a cycle function, would it be possible to add one in a future update?

Thank you.

You can change the speed of the framing cycle, if that will help. (speed 100mm/s in my example)

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 12.24.49 PM

Cycling and even adding a configurable delay for the ‘Frame’ commands has been discussed internally. Nothing I can report at this time, but here is some of the thinking expressed in a response Oz provided to our beta group last May.

I noticed in the last couple versions (9.21, 9.22) I can now click on FRAME multiple times and it will queue up the frame commands. So I click it 3 times then leisurely walk over to the laser and watch it frame, 3 times. I’m 90% sure it would not queue up the clicks under 9.20.

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