Framing is not the same dimensions as picture

(After renewing my licence - in case that could impact it) I created the attach file “Snowflake” to cut out on a Sculpfun S9.
I had yesterday cut the also attached file “Hanging flower” without any problems.
The framing started to go X101 Y0 as zero point. I have tried restarting system and start from user origin to get it going. It now starts at X0, Y0, but the framing is about 75% of the picture. The burning process worked ok, so after burning I set the test fire % to max (20%) , so you can see the outline on the wood (see attached picture).
The square is the square framing, the more pointy figure is when I use the circle framing. The dimensions of the snowflake is correct.

If I load the Hanging flower from yesterday, the framing seems to be working ok…
SnowFake.lbrn2 (295.7 KB)
Hanging Flower.lbrn2 (704.5 KB)

LB version 2.1.01
Any suggestions what is happening here?

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