Framing isn't working on Xtool D1

So I have the integration of Lightburn and Xtool D1 working about 99%. The one thing that isn’t working is framing. For some reason when I click the framing button, the laser moves slightly then stops. And when I go to try and manually move the laser it is basically locked until I turn off the laser and start all over. I can’t figure it out but obviously, framing is kind of important. Thanks for any ideas anyone may have.

A screen capture of LightBurn showing the Move window and the Laser window would be most helpful.

In LightBurn, open the Console window and select the switch on the right that says ‘Show all’. Then perform the framing operation that you had done previously.

When the framing stops you may see an error in the console window and the text will likely stop scrolling.

If the text doesn’t stop and the laser did - scroll back in the Console window to where you can see the error message and copy / paste it into a reply here.

That should help get us started.

I took some video showing my desktop and the laser so you can see exactly what is happening. Here is the YouTube link. Thanks for your help.

I see what could be garbled data and a possible communication problem. It seems that the text did not stop scrolling and no error messages were reported.

@JohnJohn , any thoughts on how to resolve it?

I think I’d need to see more text from the Console window to be certain.

A new short shielded USB cable with ferrite beads (RF/EMI supression) may help.

I do have a USB extension cable on it. I will try to remove that first and test again. Thanks for your help @JohnJohn.

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@JohnJohn , so my test to just use the USB cable that came with the D1 had the same result. Would this be a suitable cable to try?

A screen capture of the Move window and the Laser window capture would still be helpful. Console window text would also be useful.

If I were shopping i’d pick the 3’ cable.

@JohnJohn , the new cable didn’t matter at all. I have attached two screenshots showing the laser, move and console windows. One more note is that once the framing starts, then stops, the light on op of the laser frame near the silver button flashes blue. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you for your help.

The speed setting in Move window is absurdly slow. Increase that to something like 100 mm/s.

Also, in general it’s probably more intuitive working in mm/min for your laser. Number scale will generally be easier to grasp.

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