Framing issue for new Longer ray 5 10W


I just setup my laser. I also added an air assist pump in the process of the setup.

When I press frame in the software, my laser just go to the right, stop then goes to the left then near the center and stop.



I put in the dimensions of the test piece that come with the laser.

Can you move the laser in all directions using the jog buttons on the move tab in Lightburn?

Thanks for your reply.

No I can’t. Here is what it is doing.

How did you select your work to be Framed? I see other objects in yout LB display. Do a CRTL-A and then look at the Preview. I suspect there is something off to the rught not visible in the LB window.

I think we’re looking at two separate issues. Need to confirm the motion system is working.

Sonya, has the Y axis ever moved under its own power? Confirm the connectors going to the left-most motor on the gantry are connected properly at all sockets. There may be three or more…one at the motor, one at the controller box, and possibly one or more in between those two.

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