Framing issue in Lightburn

I went to start a project with my xtool d1Pro 20watt and when i hit the frame execution, the machine moved to the starting point and did nothing from that point on. not wanting to blame software i closed the project made a simple square and it did the same thing. to rule out any possible firmware issues, i opend XCS (xtool software) and it frames project just fine. i also reinstalled software driver from xTool. this morning i removed Lightburn, re downloaded it and same thing wants to frame, but only goes to start position laser comes on at selected low power and does not move. rehome machine and hit start and job starts burning. i am stumped can someone help me. i am running Windows 11 on a 3 yearold Gateway Laptop and have hyad zero issues with lightburn. my liscenseis up to date and so is software running latest version.Please help!!!

i found issue everyone, the move speed was set to somehow 3mm/m. dont actually know if that was problem but i changed to my normal 3000 mm/m move speed. when i hit frame, it framed. loaded a project(one where it would not frame and it framed). note to self check move speed

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