Framing jumps down from starting point?

Hi there.
I have this weird problem that started all of a sudden and its when yiu go to frame or start, the module jumps down a bit before framing or engraving. I have a video.
Im using the XTool D1 10w. It doesnt jump in creative space.

The only way to get the video on here was a link. Sorry if thats not allowed.

Not sure what could cause it as I only changed settings for engraving. I could live with the annoyance :sweat_smile: I just would prefer it not act up. Haha

Thanks for the video! I took a peek at the .lbdev file that you should have imported into LightBurn and it looks like there is a pointer offset enabled in your Device Settings. If you disable it does your laser still do that jumpy bit?

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 1.38.18 PM

Here are additional details about the pointer offset:

Thanks for the reply!
I turned off the laser offset but its still doing the same thing.
I updated lightburn as well.

I decided just to try and start over on the file.
It seems to work fine with a completely new project! Must’ve been something in the other file somewhere that caused it.
Thank you for the help!

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