Framing Multiple Objects

Whats the easiest way to frame something like this?

You will see I want to frame a shape inside of the original frame. But when I change the frames it moves the starting orgin. Which does not achieve the affect I was hoping for as my object is stationary. I just want to be sure the slot I have created the laser does not enter, this needs to match the physical world and the computer.

Well this sucks but I found the solution. I needed to create a line on top of the original orange frame. This way I could turn off T1 layer without the orgin updating. Wowo really wish the orgin or frames had some better options… this seemed highly inefficient but I was able to achieve the required results. (seems like lines are more useful than frames)

Hopefully this helps someone look for the same solution. Here I have a cutting board and wanted to be sure the given measurements for the handle were actually correct by framing it. Boy this turned out to be a bit more complex.

If you have any other ideas on how to do this same thing easier, please by all means let me know!!

Thank you,

Well I had to move the handle a bit, to do that I had to delete the T2 layer, remove the line I created, remove the image from the mask, remove the grouped T1 layer, I then moved the inside handle, then grouped the object back together, then masked with the image, recreated the line on the outside and then duplicated the handle as a T2 layer. Now when trying to frame it makes an alarm because its trying to do the image even the part thats hidden under frame. Is this a bug? Turns out even with all the stuff in the middle of my 900mm frame it still gets out of bounds alarm error. I know the photo shows differently but I’ve tried moving it around, check the file.

Penasco Bamboo Cutting Board.lbrn2 (1.9 MB)

Why are some things totally hard in this program? What am I doing wrong?

I know I could flatten the mask but then to go back and move the image is a pain in the buttocks, I cant seem to find good work flow for this program.

Also when I flatten an image it doesnt seem to work right, it has the image at an angle. I know it was at an angle before but when flattening it removes all the stuff outside the mask. So why is the mask is a perfectly straight square but after flattening its not…? Is this a bug?

Thanks for listening to these rambles, just trying to learn how to work this.

Select the thing to frame, select Cut Selected Shapes, click the Rubberband Frame button, and that’ll be pretty close.

The laser head will trace the convex hull of the shape, but the hole is already convex and you’ll see the outline just about perfectly.

I think that requires Absolute Coordinates mode, so the origin doesn’t depend on the selected shape. I’ve gotten used to Absolute mode with a camera overhead, overlaying the material on the workspace, and checking the position by framing.

any idea why framing is doing the whole masked image? it wont stop even on absolute mode…

i get alarm consistently… and now cannot frame the object anymore. it just tries to do the whole image and not my actual frames. I attached file above.

oh jeez, i just have to hide it completely. Wowo let me write a manual for how to frame with a masked image.

The bitmap has to remain a rectangle. After it is rotated and flattened according to the image mask the bitmap is shown by the dotted lines and the corners will make the overall rectangular boundary of your image larger when you frame. Rubber band fame will track around the dotted lines.

The mask is still a rectangle - per the shape you used to mask the image, so if you want to frame only the masked image, toggle on ‘Cut Selected Graphics’, select this mask, then frame.

I think the part that gets me on this is it appears the behavior is different for masking of a regular object and a rotated one, see here.

Before the mask we can see the image outline behind the mask
before mask

and after the mask everything looks clean, tidy and as expected.
after mask

But lets try a rotate of the image underneath, here it looks as it should,

But when flattened why does it appear this way? I can hardly tell this is flattened. If the image is flatten and the data is gone why does the box show crooked? In the first example everything outside the mask is gone.

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