Framing Properly but cutting in the wrong space

I’m not entirely sure if this is a Lightburn issue or an Omtech issue. I have the Rudia controller, using Lightburn 1.0.06 and I have an OmTech. I have been framing jobs before cutting and it’ll frame just fine. However, when I go to actually cut the design it cuts much lower. I’ve ruined so many pendants now and I can’t seem to do anything that requires a jig. So far I’ve shut everything down and reopened it. I’ve tried sending the file to the controller and hitting start from there. The end result is the same. I’ve also tried to recreate the file and it’s still framing correct but cutting wrong. The annoying thing is that it’s not consistent because I have been able to cut some items using the jig properly.

If it’s not consistent, it seems likely that something has come loose in the machine. Check the belt tension and all the set screws on the pulleys.
Move the engraver head by hand to ensure that you have consistent and predictable motion in the work area.

If you are willing, share both the file that has this issue along with an example file that cuts and frames as expected. We can take a look and see if we notice something different within these files. :slight_smile:

It frames everything correctly and it cuts in the exact same wrong position every time.

I can but I’d be surprised if you find anything. It cut perfectly the first time. All I did was reload the jig (I didn’t move anything on the file or on the machine) and then it did this. It did it before as well a few weeks ago and I got fed up and just left it alone for a few weeks.

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