Framing the wrong size?

@LightBurn I have somewhat of this same issue. It wasn’t doing this before, but when I frame a job, the frame trace shows it is larger than my material on the bed Why is the framing showing larger now? And how can I possibly fix that?

Can you show a screen shot of the file you are framing? If you select everything, does it appear to select other stuff too? (Ctrl+A) You could have layers turned off in your file, but they’ll still be considered when framing a job.


When you frame this, what happens? You’re currently in ‘Absolute Coords’ mode - does your machine have homing switches, and have you homed it properly?

I was able to figure out that it was the $100-102 settings that threw it off. I do have another question though. I am trying to make sure i understand the speed tests correctly as i haven’t really had a real explanation on how to do it and what I am looking at. So question 1. The numbers in $110-2, mine is 1300. Now is that the number that you would put on the sides starting at 1300 going down?

And that number, would it be put into the layers setting?

For the line and fill layers, are the supposed to be the same number or different?

I know it is all trial and error. But if i can understand that a little bit more it could help.

Yes, you’d use 1300 and go down from there, like you’ve shown. This is just a test you’re running to show the result of different power and speed combinations on a given material, so you’re just trying to run a broad range of values to see what gets you close to the result you want.

@LightBurn Ah ok so I am getting it. Another question. Not sure how I can so this. I want to cut the heart out and the outline of the name inside to be connected to the heart. How would I do that?

And in this one how can I get the name connected to the line but cut out the out line ? If that makes sense

Watch here:

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