Framing Tool Error?

Hey there,

I am having some trouble with the framing tool. I get a help code that pops up in the console commands and it asks me to unlock it. Is there something that I am missing maybe in the settings?

Could you take a screenshot of your Console window so we can investigate further?

You may be able to solve this by homing your machine first.

OK! Let me know if you need something else. I appreciate the help

These are pretty typical messages, just alerting you to the state the machine is in after running the job. The last message there notes ‘unlocked’ so everything appears to be running as intended. You can always force a reset by right clicking the ‘Devices’ button to reset the connection to your laser.

That’s weird. I did a force reset and it sometimes lets me frame an object but other times it give me that same message. My laser beeps a few times and then doesn’t respond.

You’re fairly close to the edge of your work space there, is your laser contacting the back rail when it frames by chance?

No. It doesn’t look like it

I checked my device to make sure the working size is correct (400mmx400mm). I set the job origin as the center. However, when framing items that are 13 inches x 12 inches or slightly larger I get that message I posted from above.

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