Framing works with ezcad2 but not Lightburn fiber laser

Hello… I just purchased a US Stock Fiber Laser Marking Machine Electric UP DOWN, Lightburn Inside, With Rotary Axis, 6 in Inline fans, OD7+ glasses (Raycus, 30W). The problem is, when I first installed Lightburn, the framing light worked in all 3 modes. I went to use it the next day and now they don’t light up. I tried using EZCad2 & they work fine (but I like Lightburn much more). Someone said it might be the IO settings.

Hi Russ,

You may need to set your ‘Red Dot’ IO port (4 is a common port for this). When you first set up your device in LightBurn, did you import the markcfg7 file from your EZCad folder? That’s the best way to ensure that this and other important settings are transferred over.

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