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Hi All this is only my second post.
Dose anyone know of any free vector graphics to put in my art libary, I am just playing with LB to see what can be done.
I had some headaces with the ortur or lightburn but after 2 days I found out it was my laptop that couldn,t handle the LB software ie laser kept on stopping halfway through it’s burn, only had 4gb ram and a T3000 processor so ordered a refurbished laptop 8gb ram 500gb ssd drive and a i5 processor, found this spec on this forum, just waiting for it to arrive.

Type your request into your browser making sure you include Vector and free.

That processor is more than enough to handle LB …I have a 15 year old laptop…no issues…I would be looking at a better USB cable…make sure all power settings are enabled to NOT conserve energy…that the computer does not go to sleep after time interval…the usb ports are not set to conserve energy…and wallpaper shut off

I have some free files here. If you download the ZIP files, there are different formats for importing into Lightburn if the ZIP doesn’t contain a LBRN file.

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