Free movement of objects in LightBurn


Is there any way to perform a free movement of objects in LightBurn without the object snapping to the guide?

When I try to make small adjustments of objects (square, circles, etc) to a specific position with the mouse, they magnetize to a specific area to the left or right but not where I want.

Impossible to fit a circle just above and centered on the bitmap circle.

Do I have to unlock some element to make it a 100% free movement of the object?

Thanks for the possible help. :hugs:

Turn off the snap.

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On my Mac I hold down the Command key which suspends snapping. I’m not sure what it is on Windows machines.

No need to turn off snapping, as it’s useful most of the time - you just need to suspend it for fine work.

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Found it: on windows it’s the ctrl key

Quick update, the following link is the new home of Hotkey information. We are in-progress writing our new documentation, so they may not all be moved just yet, but this is where they will live moving forward. :wink: Hotkeys - LightBurn Software Documentation


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