Free single-line script LimpelkaSL with SVG-generator

Hello again (sorry if i’m boring :smiley:),
my latest work for engraving: free, single-line, variable script LimpelkaSL with on-line SVG-generator:

More about :
Typeface with stylistic alternates of glyphs like: g, h, l, p, y… avaiable with _ and | keys (image with hints in menu tip )

variable axes Width & Span (& stroke for preview) to adjust the inscription to the engraving size (menu Variables)

auto-magical contextual and terminal alternates

and finally some demo of engraving :hugs:

Have fun, comment and criticize :innocent: (still WIP)

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Would you be able to replicate this font? I cannot find it anywhere.


FWIW, it took me about 40 seconds to come up with this autotrace from your photo.
I’ll bet if you took a good high resolution photo with good contrast you could autotrace it and follow up with a little node editing to reproduce that fairly easily.

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Have You try to identify it on ?

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A lot of times these aren’t genuine fonts, “but one of a kind” drawings made specifically for a particular logo. (and that one was 70 years ago)
You may find fonts that are somewhat close but I’ll bet you can’t find a real match for that one.

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Yeah I’ve tried autotrace, however I’d like to be able to modify the words easily instead of having to edit nodes forever. If it was one off then I’d just use autotrace.

I can get pretty close to it, however having an actual font so replacing text would be nice.