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Free CO2 Laser Items.

I finishing up a laser and have a lot of free stuff left over so if you are building a laser and need some extra items here you go and if you dont need it pay it forward to someone else. Everything is new need a power supply 24 vdc its there need a z axis probe its there and so much more.
The box of goodies will go out in the mail Saturday when i am off from work. The only thing I ask is please CONUSA. I am covering the shipping so Merry Christmas.
The first E-mail I get with the address will get the items.



It found a home the winner will be surprised.

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Very generous indeed.

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Very nice of you!

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pay it forward with what is going on kindness goes a long way…

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It will come back to you 10 fold. That’s the way things work.
It also works the other way for people that take advantage of others.

Very nice of you @gatlin63