Free trial is not working


Im wondering if someone can help me please.
Im new to lightburn after creating an account and downloading app for the free trial. Once i open the app it is telling me the trial period has expired when i havent used lightburn before.
Thank you for your time

Did you sign up for a trial?

They will email you a key to use for Lightburn.

The software is the same, the key opens it up for you to use all of the supported types of devices during the trail period.


Hello thank you for your reply.
What i did was, i created account online first, then clicked free trial download. When the app opened for the first time says trial period expired with a code already filled in.
Thank you for your time

Did you check the email account you registered with for a key for the trial?

May be in your spam…

You an also check the license portal to see how it has your account setup.


Post the trial key here and I can take a look.

The trial key is 8d119906-2808-4f18-885b-ae05ea613fe8

Hello, i sent an email same day i posted on here, and got a reply next day saying they would extend trial, so i sent them the id code. But nothings changed. Id just like to give it a go before commiting to buy. Thank you

Looking into our systems, I see that the trial is now active until 2023-11-29. Restart LightBurn and then show us what you see when starting.

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