Free trial of galvo while I have a DSP or GRBL license

I have a licence for my Co2 Ruida , but i am thinking of buying a fibre galvo & was wondering if it is possible to get a trial of this or do i have to upgrade to use it ? thanks in advance

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Maybe there are other ways…:
Before do a backup of your prefs.

  • 1, You can install a full trial on other computer,
    1. You can uninstall Lightburn and Install a full trial in the same computer and after the trial period ends you can revert to your GRBL license or upgrade to a GALVO license.
    1. (This may not work or be a mess) Install Lightburn full trial on the same computer in another place.

No need to uninstall — go to Help → License Management and click Deactivate then Extend Trial. You’ll be able to try out LightBurn for Galvo without doing anything else, and reenable your key after the trial period ends.

You can add Galvo support to your existing key here:


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