Freehand object selection


Is there a special trick to allow freehand selection of objects? Sometimes I lose grouping, or I send to lightburn and I have to then readjust my layout. Currently the selection is fixed to a square, which is unhelpful when I have multiple shaped objects close to each other and ungrouped.

I currently either have to go back to my editing program and relayout everything, or shift-click everything that was missed after doing a small right to left square selection. Imagine 50 small hearts filled with text, and all the text has ungrouped as curves. The hearts are close and all have differences… I have to move 1 or a few random hearts… it’s a “f#$@!” moment. ha ha

If it’s on the “wish list”, can you tell me what you have called it, so I can vote?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

LightBurn does not currently have a ‘Lasoo’ style or “freehand selection” tool and I do not see this specific style of selection tool on our Feature Request site after doing this search (

You can sign-up and add here:

I’ve become good at using the bottom right up method to catch and group items by catching any part of them. Rarely use the top right down method to encompass entire objects to group them.

Usually I do as well, but there are a lot of times where it’s awkward and annoying, as I’m literally leaning over a laser, with my arms crossed over, trying to use the keyboard of the laptop and the wireless mouse. Trust me - it’s not a good look. LOL

It sort of does. If you already have an object that contains your shapes it’s easy, or you can draw one, but this function exists:


Not as convenient as a selection lasso, but a step in that direction.


I can work with this. There is so much that you’ve added over time, that I lost track :smiley:

I’ve added it to the wish list, but I’ll definitely use this in the future. I can export with this in place to help with layout later, but in a different colour so that I can unselect the actual processing.

Thank you. :smiley:

I can’t remember what I was doing, but I needed something like this myself with a a bunch of weirdly shaped parts that had holes inside them, along the edges, and I needed to be able to move them, group them, etc. This got added so I could do that. :slight_smile:

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