Frequent Crashes after update

Updated to 0.9.16 recently on Windows 10 and have experienced frequent crashes when working on fairly simple designs. I’ve not been able to complete a short project start to finish without it crashing.

Obviously this is not expected and has never been an issue before. Is this a case where it would be best to remove and reinstall? Or are there other troubleshooting tips to determine why it is crashing?

I don’t see a lot of others complaining, so I assume it is a fluke…

Need the details here. What were you doing at the time? Do you get any “crash report” presented when this happens? Let’s start with much more detail and we can go from there.

Unfortunately, the software seems to hang with no crash report, and it’s happened at different points. Some examples:

  • I was starting to set up a design to test material library functions with several words as their own vector. I had them all selected in order to align/distribute them but accidentally clicked something that opened the file selector (import?) I closed the file selection window but then a windows pop-up “Do you want to wait for the lbsomething.exe to close” I said no, went to LightBurn and while the file selection window was gone, the main LB window would just do the MS ding I had to force close it from the task manager.

  • Last night, I was testing our new LB camera. After setting up and calibrating, I used the camera to trace a drawing, captured an image of material on the bed, aligned the captured vector over the material, changed cut/layer setting and hit cut. Nothing happened. I could move the head over the bed manually, re-homed, etc, but it would not cut. I closed LB and reopened, repeated all the steps and was able to cut without issue.

  • I created a file with an array of 3 grouped simple shapes (3x15 to fit 45 of them onto the bed) After the array was made, I grouped the set and moved them into position. The program then stopped responding and I could not close. Task manager would not close it. I booted the PC and repeated the steps without issue.

Unfortunately, the crashes have not been consistent in any way and have not been repeatable making them really difficult to troubleshoot. I am curious if there is something I can provide when the program crashes that would provide more info (export of the previous commands, log files, etc). And/or also if a fresh install would clear-out any demons (registry issues, etc) and have any impact on the reliability.

What version were you using prior to updating to 0.9.16, and what would you say was the last version you used where none of this was an issue?

The new camera capture system runs in the background, and if you have a camera selected it’s possible (though unlikely) that could be related.

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