From current position to absolute coordinates

I have searched through a ton of posts but cant find an answer to my question.
If burning logos on multiple items with different shapes, I set my head position, select current position, run all my pieces and everything is perfect. I then switch back to absolute coordinates but can never get the machine to reset to home ( 0-0 ). Ive even tried shutting down Lightburn, turning off laser. restarting laser and Lightburn and it always homes, then returns to last current position location. I always end up drawing a small box around 1’ x 1’ and run that file with 0% power in order to trick the software into returning to home. I have been doing this for at least a year, waiting for someone to post anything that can resolve this issue. I hate to ask this question and hope someone can tell me what im doing wrong. I am sure its something really simple and I feel like an idiot for asking.

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Thanks for the reply Jeff! Ill check that out when i get back to the machine!

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