From minigerbil to ruida, upgrade license?


I have a question, right now I have a license to drive a minigerbil, I renewed less than 1 month ago another year with Lighburn but in 1 month I will have a new machine that has Ruida, I doubt is, do I have to update the license again or pay a supplement?

You would need to upgrade the license from the GCode version to the DSP version, yes. Renewal is just to be able to update to newer versions.

Perfect, but do I need to pay the difference or do I have to buy the new license? I renewed the Gcode license less than 1 month ago.

Will I be able to continue using the Gcode and Ruida versions with the new license?

It’s just paying the difference here:

And the DSP version includes all the GCode drivers. It’s a common upgrade path, so we didn’t want to penalize people for it.

Thanks!!, I hope it works just as well as with Gcode :slight_smile:

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