Frustrated and ready to ship it all back

I bought an OMTech 30w fiber laser with Galvo laser and the Lightburn software to run on a brand new Mac M1 (Monterey). I have spent the past week and a half watching videos and working with OMTech support for many many hours over the phone to try to get this set up. We had one small fire on a test run but it didn’t even engrave the entire test file, just one single line. OMTech support uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. OMTech support attempted to run with EZCad via remote pc access and got one tiny little spot. Now we can’t even get framing. Nothing. Nada. Zippola. Zilch! What is the issue? I am definitely in focus as my red dots are touching. We have tried raising and lowering the laser, changing from Raycus, even though I absolutely do have Raycus, uninstalling and trying with demo mode, attempting to use software via different computers in demo mode. Literally nothing is working. Also, when I install Lightburn it shows up as JCZ fiber laser (my motherboard) USB-Lite. The OMTech support has no idea why it installs as USB-Lite. Is it a bunko laser or is there an issue with the software?

When giving advice, please make sure you understand the question. This user has a galvo fiber marking laser. It does not use GCode or GRBL, does not have the $30 setting (or even a console).

This sounds like a hardware issue. If you were running EzCad on a PC connected to the machine and that wouldn’t work either, that points to a hardware problem, not software.

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Thanks for chiming in Oz. I have forwarded ALL the email support that your techs have offered on to tech support at OMTech so they can try to assist.

To be clear, upon initial installation, lightburn did work for a moment BUT only for a moment. After purchasing the Galvo key (which should have been in the original key or indicated that I would need it) it still won’t even frame up the items. I have NOT used ezcad on my Mac as I don’t have ezcad for Mac. After many hours of help, it worked momentarily with ezcad on a PC. It is currently unknown if it will continue to work with ezcad because we tried to install lightburn on the PC and it failed to fire. Unfortunately the ONE person who has actually taken any time to help had to go home as he had spent an entire work day trying to help. Tldr: it’s the software. The laser fired twice. The software has a bug.

Not wanting to add confusion, but to me, this is an important ‘indicating’ statement. What does “worked momentarily with ezcad on a PC” mean, exactly? Are you saying that it worked, then did not, prior to trying to use LightBurn on this PC? If this is true, then LightBurn is not involved in that scenario, and thus indicates there may be an intermittent hardware issue. :slight_smile:

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