Full engrave Apple watch band

Just finished one band.
Happy with the result.
On Ortur 2, these parameters worked well: speed 800 and 80 power fill with 318 dpi
next will be to get paint in the grooves. To be continued…

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Not too happy with the paint. I used what I had readily available: some Rustoleum spray paint. I let it rest 30 minutes then wiped off with acetone. Now the band stinks. So I guess I’ll try acrylic with baby wipe next try!

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That’s I what I use, acrylic paint and baby wipes. There is a group on FB and they use some type of oil paint pens from Michaels hobby store.

Looks great !! I’m going to test with my 15w that it must be a real 1w Lol … Where can I get those designs?