Full engrave Apple watch band

Just finished one band.
Happy with the result.
On Ortur 2, these parameters worked well: speed 800 and 80 power fill with 318 dpi
next will be to get paint in the grooves. To be continued…

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Not too happy with the paint. I used what I had readily available: some Rustoleum spray paint. I let it rest 30 minutes then wiped off with acetone. Now the band stinks. So I guess I’ll try acrylic with baby wipe next try!


That’s I what I use, acrylic paint and baby wipes. There is a group on FB and they use some type of oil paint pens from Michaels hobby store.

Looks great !! I’m going to test with my 15w that it must be a real 1w Lol … Where can I get those designs?

Google “modern pattern” and you’ll find a bunch of patterns. I then take a pic of the blank band to get the shape and I fill it with the pattern.

It only takes a couple minutes to do this in LightBurn:

Draw a hexagon, then using Pen tool, draw a line from the lower-right corner to the middle (wait for it to snap).


Use the grid-array tool to repeat that line, like this:


Select the line pattern and copy it (Ctrl+C). Then select the whole thing and rotate it 120 degrees by typing 120 into the rotate box on the toolbar up top:


Now, use ‘Paste in Place’ to drop the copied line pattern back to exactly where it was before (Alt+V):


Then do it again:


If you want to get really tricky, select the result, go to Arrange > Break Apart (or Alt+B), then use the offset tool to offset the lines to produce a result you can use with filled engraving:


And you can select the result and use the grid array tool again to make a repeating pattern:


Hey gang this is a great idea and would also love to try this out. Curious are these the rubber bands or leather ones?

Thanks. Nice work by the way.

These are silicone bands, you can order from Ebay, Etsy etc.

I bought mine on Amazon. It was a very good price for a pack of 3 or 4.
I can dig out the link, if you’re interested. (And if I’m allowed to attached Amazon links).

is this 800mm/s pr 800mm/m?

800 mm/min

Awesome! Thank you so much!! You helped me complete my first watch band after burning up and through almost a dozen!!!

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Glad I could help!
Nice job btw!