Full engrave Apple watch band

I’ve done initials on bands before, but never a full engrave. So while I was messing in the garage this afternoon I grabbed a band I had a lying around, come up with a design and ran it. Infilled with acrylic paint. Think it came out pretty cool.


That turned out well! I have a few of those sitting beside me to try the same thing, but time is scarce. :slight_smile:

They look great did you just wipe on and wipe off the paint?

I did but I let it set about an hour or so then took a baby wipe and cleaned it off.

Looks great !! I want to do that, but I’m new to lasers and I can’t do it, I have a simple ortur laser master 2 laser, but I can’t find a good configuration so that it has good details and good depth. :frowning:

looks awsome i’m having trouble finding a good setting. what laser do you have

what machine, and % of power & speed are you using?

I’m using a red and black 60 watt. I ran it at 175mms 35% power.

Awesome work thanx for sharing

Here is a video to explain how to fill in the paint and how to clean it for those that are curious on the process.

Ignore the GlowForge part at the beginning



Curious to know the parameters for a 5.5W diode laser too (Ortur 2)

Here is a process without the use of acrylic paint and from the looks of it it’s quite profitable

I wish I could sell one for that amount!

Sell it 25% below . It’s all in the photography. Take it from me a former professional photog.

Make it look like it’s worth $100.

You can do it!



Thanks friend for answering, that yours has a lot of power :joy:, my ortur is 15w (and they are not real) I need to damage some bands until I find a good setting. Thanks

Friend we are going to keep in communication to get that setting we need.

Just bought a pack of 4 bands on Amazon for $10. I’ll experiment and share the results.

Have you experimented with your new purchase yet?


Not yet. They have been sitting next to my laser since I received them. But I’m hoping to start this weekend! :slight_smile:

Awesome I’m curious to see your results. Do you have your own design or did you invest in a predesign ?

I’ll make my own.