Full power for laser

I’m using GRBL 1.1h - eleksmaker version 5.2 - a 10W diode laser from endurance lasers.

Everything works pretty well. laser power through TTL works with one caveat - can’t get to the full power of the laser. It uses about 3.3amp at 100% through the lightburn software - but if I manually turn the laser on full power, it goes up to 4 amps. That gives me much better cutting power. But without TTL, the corners are over burned, and it can’t turn the laser off (physical switch for full power) I was wondering if anyone had any input they could share.

How fast are you asking it to go, and what are your maximum speed settings in GRBL? ($110 and $111 settings)

It’s not speed - it’s the power going to the laser. I I think I’ve found the problem, there is an issue with the laser controller. I ran a test (at the request of endurance lasers) and it would appear that only 3.3amp (instead of 4 amp) comes from the controller when a non-pulsed power source is connected.

GRBL 1.1f will reduce power output if you tell the machine to go faster than those maximum rates. For example, if the machine was limited to 6000mm/min and you asked for 12000, since it can only go half that fast it would restrict power output to half as well, which is why I asked about the settings.

Sorry for my misunderstanding. I’m not asking it to go that fast, only 200mm/min for cutting and 1000mm/min for etching. Thank you for your reply.

What are your firmware settings for $110 and $111?

They are both 8000

That’s well above the speed you’re asking for, so unless your steps per mm values are really high, that’s not the issue.

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