FULL SPECTRUM fiber galvo compatability

For the last 2 years life has been miserable dealing with a company called Full spectrum laser
Not going to get into it but its awful.

I currently have 2 50w galvo paper weights. I own a manufacturing company and had planned to use these to replace our co2 laser for product engraving.

One worked for a year then shut off and has not worked since. The other we got a year ago and its been sketchy and a royal pain.

I used light burn with my C02 and it just worked great and zero issues.

I know there will need to be hardware changes but I wanted to find out if I could make these lasers compatable with light burn.

They both use Raycus 50w lasers and there is not much else going on inside. Couple boards and thats it.

Any help would be great as i have nearly 25k invested in these and nothing to show for it.

The company is awful and not going to go there but support is impossible even when you pay thousands for extended warranty support.

Would love to be able to use these.

Thanks in advance.

Is always tough to hear people having bad experiences.
Hopefully the mind hive here can conjure up some ideas.

I am not 100% familiar with FS but my initial thought would be for a controller conversion.

From what I understand, that shouldn’t be “too” difficult, but would need some tinkering.

We have fantastic people in the forum that have high levels of expertise and I am sure they will share some ideas.

What i would suggest is you get from the machines a few pictures - specially of the power supply - and the controller box space. To see what could “fit”

In other words, to get an overview of the machine with pictures will help others visualize potential solutions.

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Awful is an understatement. The recordings I have of their owner telling me he sells 500K- 1Million dollar lasers every month and he doesnt care about these stupid 10K lasers was mind blowing. Its awful and having 2 50w Units I cant even use just sucks.

The only thing I am not sure on is the Raycus Laser source. Having looked over it I am not seeing much info. I really hope I can convert them and people here can chime in. I used Light burn on our C02 and it worked perfect. It would be nice to use it again and have functioning units.

The Raycus should be just another source, so I’d think it would be a controller swap …

The first video is from Laser Everything, how to change an EZCad3 → EZCad2 board. The second is from some Chinese manufacturer (English subtitles).

I think if you watch them, it’s basically unplug the cables, remove/replace the board, plug the cables back in.

Just ensure you use an EZCad2 board for a controller.

Good luck


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