Full spectrum muse

Anyone familiar with full spectrum 20 x 12 45wt muse laser. What makes it 3k better than a std k 40?

Your topic and post are a bit confusing. I will leave it to the community to provide feedback on the Muse and its price point. But please be aware, LightBurn does not provide support for any “stock” Full Spectrum laser.

To answer the title question, the answer is yes. The LightBurn license provides 2 seats that can be installed in a mixed OS environment. Details can be found in the link below.

EDIT: I see the title has been changed and no longer includes the question of the number of computers a license can be installed on. I will keep my response the same.

thanks Rick, not sure how I got the title screwed up in the first place, but appreciate the response none the less. mostly curious as why a muse is 3k more than a Chinese K40, wouldn’t think there would be that much difference. Hopefully others will chime in. at that price point I can get into 100watt Chinese

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Essentially it’s the after-sale support, modulated power, and better software, but if you purchase a K40D with a Ruida or AWC controller, you get all but the after-sale support. If you read user reviews for FS, you might find they don’t provide much of that either.

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