Full Spectrum PS24 Ruida Upgrade

I have a Pro PS24 Full Spectrum laser and I really dislike RE3… I have had my laser for 3 years and I cuss at it all the time… I would like to do a Ruida controller and Lightburn… Has anyone done the conversion … Now would be the time for me as I am waiting for a Tube.
Any suggestion, direction and input would be greatly appreciated. I will use the Ruida 6445S
Thanks in advance

I have no idea what controller you do have… on that machine … it’s way more expensive than most of us can afford… I looked it up, but they didn’t mention what controller it uses. Do you know?

If it has a standard lps, you can probably change it out…

Most of these have standard signals…


I am putting pictures together etc and will post… Full Spectrum is awful with sharing the heart of the machine schematics. I did reach out to them but not expecting an answer.

Post some pictures… if the controller has a name on it post a picture of it…

I’m hitting the sack for the night… will check it out tomorrow…


Here is a picture of the control board… I emailed FS laser tech this morning to send a schematic.

You can probably figure out most of them, but it requires chasing the wires…

I assume you have the Ruida manual that shows the connections to the motor drivers and lps?

What do the motor drivers look like?


Nothing special at all… The only thing special about this machine is it was 6500 more than everyone and the really isn’t anything different. Assembled in USA with Chinese parts…
Cloudray Leadshine DM442 2-Phase Stepper Driver

The board for the RE3 software is pictured. The control board is tucked under it but just a regular one.

I should be a relatively easy swap. Make sure you read all the configuration information off your ‘regular’ controller. Don’t know the machine or how it works, specifically.

Good luck


They sent me the wiring diagram so it will be “hopefully” and easy swap.

This should be relatively simple… The motor controls look the same as does the lps setup…

Shouldn’t be too difficult. You need to make sure you have the configuration of the original, at least as a starting point…

If you have difficulties with signal names and where they go, sing out…

Good luck


Thanks for all the help. Will be an after holidays project. Christmas orders already

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