Full Spectrum to AWC708lite / Lightburn conversion

I have a FSLaser Pro36 and am having too many issues with control and power supply system. I have an AWC708lite and new power supply. I’ve built a few CNC, so am not concerned with wiring, based on other posts here.
What I haven’t found is the units for the factors in the retinaengrave machine settings. The velocity ones seem a little stranger. I’ve done some guessing and conversions, but not sure I’m getting it right.

I can do a calibration after the conversion, but being on a limited timeframe to get back running for the business, I’d like to just convert the numbers and enter.

Has anyone figured these out?

To help with some clarity, you have Ruida listed in the title, yet you mention AWC in the body and have posted in the Trocen Section.

You are looking for Trocen AWC708Light settings, correct? I can change the title for you if that helps.

Yes. Is just read a ruida post, brain froze. The full spectrum side is what matters, but please fix if you can.


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Adjusted. Now our Trocen members should be able to see this. :slight_smile:

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