Fume extractor & air cleaner for 60W CO2 laser

I purchased a 60w stand alone laser and I’m curious what reliable options are available for a fume extractor & air cleaner.
Any help and suggestions on the topic would be greatly appreciated. DIY or complete extractor are welcomed options.
Thank you in advance.

Craigslist for a bounce house blower. If you’re lucky you’ll find a gem like the Spin Master ENP II. It is a true industrial grade / commercial blower. I got really lucky last year and found one locally for $25 or $30 and rebuilt it all. It’s my backup if my vendor supplied blower ever dies.

This looks awesome, im still on the hunt for some sort of purifier as well to cut the smell and smoke that leaves the machine and ultimately floats around my yard.
also is a 750W completely necessary? would a 450W pull enough smoke to keep the cut bed clear?

Hi Kyle

I am not sure it will help you but at least you can get some information here:


I am using their model GL 260 W3 and have the Laser directly in my office. Next to it this filter unit without any connection to the outside. I am very happy with it and wit works wonderfully not letting any fumes/smells unfiltered getting into the office.Of course there is some smell that comes from the Laser itself which is not sealed. The trick is not to open the top before all fumes are extracted and filtered.

Of course, I am in Germany and don’t know whether this company sells in the states as well. But perhaps you can find something similar. They are not cheap but they work!


what’s the cost on a machine like this?

I’d like a local source if possible but if needs be, I’d rather go for quality

Kyle - where are you located? That will help determine recommendations. In the mean time BOFA fume filtration units have a pretty good reputation. Keep in mind that the media needs to be replaced periodically, especially if you are concerned about odors, and that can get expensive especially if you frequently or commercially.

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I’m located in Idaho, United States.
Thats the exact reason I’m looking for suggestions to price out what the cost would be and see if a filtration system is an option or if I need to find a way and a location to vent that will be low traffic if any at all.

Hallo, was kostet das Teil?

Seems like venting to the outside is usually the preferred way to go, unless you have neighbors nearby that complain about smelling the odor. I live in a townhome and one neighbor is only 20 feet away from where I will eventually vent. He probably wouldn’t wood fumes much but acrylic and leather might be a completely different matter.

Kyle & Thomas

I have bought the filter unit as a demo for a slight reduced price. Depending on configuration (how many and which type of filters) such unit can run between roughly €1000 to €2500 or even more. And yes the filter media are consumables and need to be replaced.

As I am just prototyping at the moment the laser and filter are not getting much hours. But its planned for small production run to get a larger and more professional laser cutter down the road. Therefore I already invested into the filter right away.

For hobby use getting the fumes outside if possible would be appropriate if the circumstances are right (Distance to neighbors, not next to your own window/door to get the fumes back that way.)

While viewing some user experiences in YouTube, I found this one : 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan : https://amzn.to/2Td9daK

FWIW, looks like the TBH units are sold in the US out of Alabama so you should be able to get US-based support. I’ll probably talk to them at some point to see if the stock units and supplies or just a sales office.

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