Fume Extractor Sizing

I have a 1390 laser and have a second one on the way. I’d like to get a fume / odor extractor into the mix - I cut a lot of acrylic and abs.

The laser manufacturer in China is offering a 1000m3h/h or a 1500m3/h version of the typical triple-element (G3, F5, H13) tower-style filter. How can I know if this is enough volume?

I plan on running the exhausts from both machines (2 on each) into a manifold directly into the filter. I suppose I could install shut-off valves into the lines if only 1 machine will be used.

Hi, I see you live in the US so man you have a vast choice of extraction fans and trunking available to you there.
Very popular are the “in-line duct fans” with cfm values that are unbelievable and at good price point, shipping, if any, would certainly be cheaper and the wait less.

In my machines I run indipendant fans and exhausts, and the cubic capacity of the machine working space is just on 1.3 m3. I wanted the air to change quickly so there was a minimum of time between the end of the job and opening the top, so I went for a fan that would chance the 1.3m3 in just about 2 second.
So I needed a fan that was for 1080 m3/h

I will attach some of the choices I had as an image

Hope it helps

Something definately to consider especially if you are in a residential area is the noise some of the bigger fans make… So please ask for a db level and try to get something that makes the same noise to really understand the impact :slight_smile:

In duct can be very quiet :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply!
I’m currently using the giant, noisy, 220v extraction fan the laser shipped with.

I was asking about filtration, though.

Since the order was being held up due to my choice, I just went with the biggest one they offered. My thinking was that having too little tan/filter would be worse than not enough!

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More is better for sure :thinking::crazy_face::sunglasses:

The design of the filter and media might have as much to do with the odor-reducing capability as the volumetric flow rate. I’ve been thinking about a Bofa extractor, but both the unit and the media are pretty expensive. Hopefully you will post a short review after you’ve had a chance to check out the one that you bought.

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