Further Fabrication Build, Ruida controller was working, now its dead

I am finishing up a laser cutter build using a ruida 6445 controller. The controller has been working fine but then I powered up the laser for the first time and now the controller is totally dead. Is there a reset button or a fuse that need to be replaced? I looked through the Ruida user manual and I can’t find anything.

In the controller itself? Not that I’m aware of. Check the 24v power supply and make sure the controller is getting power.

The controller, control panel and steppers are all installed and were working. Then I installed the laser tube and power source. I plugged the laser power supply into the wall before I had it wired to the tube and the positive wire sparked to the garage floor. I unplugged it and realized the the Control panel and controller will not turn on now. The little lights on the controller don’t even light up.

It’s possible that you burnt something in the controller itself, but it’s just as likely that you simply killed the 24v supply feeding it. I would check that first, mostly because it’s cheaper to fix. The Ruida will power up with 12v, so if you have any 12v adapter hanging around you could temporarily connect it to the 24v in on the Ruida just to see if it still powers up.

I have an extra power supply that was for the Z axis. I’ll try replacing that. Thank you!

If you have a meter double check voltage on the power connector. If there is no 24v turn everything off and then remove the power connector from the controller and check for 24v again when you apply ac power. It is possible you have a short on the controller. If the power supply is good then un-plug all other connectors on the controller except the incoming power and possibly the control panel.


Follow up: Thanks for the help everyone. I replaced the power source and that fixed it.

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