Further help required with Laser master Pro S2

Please be patient with me here, i’ll try my best to explain the problem, the symptoms and what so far i’ve tried.

I’ve finally got a power supply that works correctly (original one stopped after an hour and refused to work at all)
When I plug everything in, power and USB and turn on power I get a red flashing LED and a constant blue LED along with a glowing / fading in and out light on the power pack, In this state I cannot get any reaction from the laser head regardless of what i do within the software.

Through a step by step process of elimination, checking connections etc I unplugged the multi plug from the laser module and the lights on the box (is that the motherboard) both became constant on red and blue along with a constant light on the power pack and the X and Y axis did a little movement as if lining up.

From the Lightburn software I am now able to move the X and Y as if i was engraving and everything seems great.

I plugged the Laser Module back in and I reverted to the initial status of non compliance!.

I did try during the elimination process, try removing the green (earth?) wire from the top of the laser module, leaving the multi plug insitu and a light appeared near the top of the module and it started making a noise, buzzing sort of, maybe a fan spinning or similar, but again I was not able to move either axis.

Removing the multi plug again and replacing the green wire caused everything to go back to operational in regard to moving.

As this is a new machine I have not engraved anything yet as initially the machine would only jog around but would not ‘home’ That issue turned out to be a faulty micro switch that when i recognised the problem (not clicking) I rectified and like i said earlier now ‘homes’ itself perfectly when i hit the button, so long as the Laser Module is not plugged in.

Could anyone please offer any more troubleshooting tests or ideas to help out here?
I have raised a ticket with Ortur and am waiting for tech help.
I know this was long winded but didn’t want to give only partial details.
Thank you.

This sounds like the laser module is creating a large load for the power supply.
A DVM (Digital Volt Meter) may prove helpful in your diagnosis.

I moved your post into the Ortur Group. If you’ve opened a ticket with Ortur, I believe @OrturTech (Gil) will have access to the information there.

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