Fused Mains Connector melted, replacement suggestions?

So this happened just now. If you need another reason to not leave your laser unattended, here you go.

I was running the laser this morning, and noticed that it the laser had reset on me a couple of times. Once it did it during a project, but the Ruida starts back where it left off, so I didn’t think too much of it. Guess that’s an indicator that something was going on with it. Then I smelled that melting plastic, and was pretty sure the maple I was engraving didn’t smell like that. Any ideas as to how that correlates with the connector failing?

Also, does anyone have a good source for higher quality connectors? Are there any problems I should check for before running the laser again, after that’s replaced?

I have no idea what is causing the short in your laser but that fuse is the wrong rating. It should never have melted like that. Someone has put a fuse rated for more than the 10A stamped on the housing. eeep!

Well looking at the fuse end, I do see 10AL250… and then the rest is covered in melted plastic. There’s some text before the ‘10’ too I think.

Ah. the L indicates a slow blow fuse. It should’ve been a regular fuse.

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