Fuzzy lines and no longer cuts

Wondering what may of happened, one day I was cutting beautiful crisp lines and cuts, then now I’m getting fuzzy lines and laser does not cut… I tried to clean the lens several times, not sure what is going on. I have the XTool D Pro.

It has to be focus/lens or laser… Double check the optics for clean and do a ramp test to ensure it’s focused…


Thank you for your reply,

I don’t see those options in the program.

What options?

It’s machine maintenance…


On mine you unscrew the lens and it will come out, don’t know about yours…


So I was able to unscrew it out pretty easy, I didn’t think it would be, so I totally cleaned it and it seems there are some etchings in the center of the lens. Is this normal?

If it’s etched, that a problem. If it’s residue, I get that when I don’t run enough air pressure.

If you can get it off and clean, no problem…


I did take a picture of it but still figuring this out. I’ll post one as soon as I do.

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