G code and DSP Lightburn version question

I currently have the G code version of LightBurn that Im running with my diode laser. I will be getting a 60 watt CO2 laser the first part of May and was wondering should I upgrade the G code version to DSP or Delete the G Code Version and Install new DSP version? The company I have purchased my laser from (Thunder Laser USA) has provided a code for the new version of DSP lighburn.

I may decide to keep my diode laser. can I operate both versions of lightburn on the same laptop? I appreciate you help on thanks and have a great day!

Thanks for the question. Normally, one would upgrade (https://lightburnsoftware.com/collections/frontpage/products/upgrade-gcode-to-dsp-license) from the GCode version to the DSP version and continue to use both the GCode and DSP supported hardware they have access to. Our DSP license gives you support for both under the same key.

In your case, your new system comes with a DSP license that also includes support for GCode systems. Install the latest and use the key your supplier, in this case Thunder Laser, provides and you will be set.

Great, that’s what I will do. I appreciate such a quick response. Have a great day!

To be clear, there is only one version of the software. You simply upgrade your key and the new devices become accessible once the upgrade is processed.

Sorry, I misread what you wrote. Rick got you.

I’m finally getting around to doing this. Do I deactivate my G code license? My supplier has provided me with a new code. I deleted the current version and when I reinstalled it it picked up my G code license
Thank you

Yes, the fastest way would be to deactivate the GCode key, the enter you new DSP key which will allow you to have both systems defined as ‘Device’ profiles.

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