G-Code licences

I have a DSP licence for 3 computers and I recently purchased a Thunder Laser MLE-40 (K40 like machine) and upgraded the controller to a Cohesion board. Now I need the G-Code version of Lightburn.
I downloaded Lightburn again but there is no trial of the G-Code, is it the licence that determines how the software will operate? If thats the case ill just purchase that and off I go.


The LightBurn DSP version includes support for GCode systems, so you already have all you need to work with you new MLE-40. Just simply add another device to your setup. Select the ‘Devices’ button at the bottom of the ‘Laser’ window, then choose ‘Find my Laser’ to step through the setup process or you can choose to do this manually as well.


Ok thank you I’ll check that out

When did they do that? I thought only Full Spectrum made the MLE-40?

Yeah my bad… you are correct it is a FSL I should know not to write emails before Ive had my first 3 cups of coffee. LMAO

Scott, so this now has me confused. LightBurn does not currently provide support for the Full Spectrum Laser family. Have you replaced the original controller in this MLE-40 with a controller that supports Open Source firmware such as grbl, Smoothieware or Marlin?

@JamieR, Thank you for asking this clarifying question as I did not notice this when responding above.

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He mentioned upgrading to the C3D, so he’s good to go. :slight_smile:


I think I may need to lay down. I am having significant brain hiccups.

Don’t feel bad, it’s been happening to me often lately, but things are slowing down a little now.

Too much going on at once can really mess with a person.

Yeah sorry for the confusion. I had just read something about the Thunder Laser and I had that stuck in my head when I posted. I did upgrade the controller to a C3D.

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I have the same laser, only mine was a complete restore because it was in pretty bad shape when I obtained it. Only paid $120 for it though and it didn’t cost much at all to restore.

I read that article its very good. One thing Im finding the X & Y axis is wired wrong so I have to fix that. I noticed in that article that there are 2 pictures with the wiring slightly different for the X & Y axis’s so Im not sure which way to go with that yet! Got it working somewhat…

Do you have the second board style?

Its the dual board style… I have managed to figure it out and get it to work, although its a way different animal than my big machine.
I noticed that it “homes” is the rear left but 0,0 is in the front left (or close to it). Ive tried to set it up according to the size of the bed and the size I input will not match what the machine does.

I also noticed that I have to put the machine at 0,0 to run a program… is this normal?

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