G-code motion target exceeds travel

My problem is multi-tiered. a few days ago my Ortur Master 2 Pro locked up when framing. It would frame a 4x4 inch area at the left lower corner and no matter where I placed the project on my work area and gives the following message: G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Alarm may be unlocked. {Right-click the Devices button to reset the connection} on or near line 0. I’m not sure which device button they are referring to. and when I try and start a project the laser does not go on and the laser head from the bottom left corner of the work area to the top right with a message that states: Warning Flame sensor disabled by user override and Flame Detector active. Ambient infrared value:50.
I did disable the flame sensor a few days before this flared up earlier and had no problems with doing projects. What can I do. I tried fixing and I may have screwed it up more.

Hello Mike,

Could you post a full screenshot of lightburn

from console type the comands below and copy/paste the full output pleae
press enter
$$ press enter
press enter