G-CODE START don't fonction

hello , i have a problem , i can not run the smoke extractor (m8) without the air assist , gcode m9 cancels everything . Thank you for your help

M9 cancelling M7 & M8 is considered normal behavior in most GRBL controlled diode lasers.

Which Neje laser engraver are you using?

The air assist option pins (M7 and M8) are selectable in the Device Settings in LightBurn.

If you wanted to use the smoke extractor without the air assist, can you get there by selecting M8 for your air assist? Incorrectly selecting the Air assist as M8 may run the smoke extractor as if it were the air assist. I’m not certain it’s a solution but it may be informative.

You can also build start and end macros on the second tab of the Device settings window. This allows a user to Inject air assist commands or exhaust air commands at the beginning and end of the GCode stream.

If the exhaust shuts off too soon and there is still smoke from the engraving you can call the exhaust fan, delay some number of seconds, then turn it off as the end of your GCode string.

I have a neje 3 max. Air assist is on m7. The air extractor on m8. When I use the m8 start macro, I have to set the area assist for it to work. Otherwise m9 cancels the m8 startup macro. Thk

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