G.Weike LC1512 with MPC6515

We are a makerspace in Cincinna OH and have a G.Weike LC1512 with MPC6515 that has EasyCut software (which we hate).
Could your software drive this board? If not, could you recommend a compatible board?



You have a Leetro controller which is not currently supported by LightBurn. A Ruida controller, ether the RD6442 or the RD6445 would be a good compatible board to swap it out to. The swap is fairly straight forward, but it may take a little bit of time to configure the new controller’s parameters. A few people have successfully done the swap, myself included. Just make sure that you make a hardcopy of all the current parameters in the Leetro controller before attempting the swap.

We have a Leetro here, and I’ve done some initial work with it, but it’s going to be quite a bit different to support it than most other boards - They require sending motion data that has all the acceleration moves pre-planned, whereas most boards just take “goto x,y” style commands and do their own accel / decel handling. It won’t happen soon, unfortunately.

We would love to get rid of Lasercut.
Would the Rudia boards be supported?
Which one is better?

The RD6445 is the newest controller. It has a numeric keypad on the display where the RD6442 does not. I have not seen any other difference between the 2 controllers. I have one of each on my lasers, and they both work well with LightBurn.

Looks like my complaining has paid off. We are upgrading our small laser to a controller board that is compatible with Lightburn. :grinning:

What is the procedure for getting a Makerspace license of the software?

LightBurn does per-seat pricing deals for maker spaces 75% off the standard price. That’s currently $20 for the DSP version, and $10 for the GCode version, and we’ll extend this price to anyone who’s a MakerSpace member, so they can have their own copy on their own computer, to use with job setup for the space.

We can also do floating licenses, where you can install on as many systems as you like, but are limited to some fixed number of concurrent users.

Have the MakerSpace contact us directly to set this up. Send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference this post. We can get you sorted there. :slight_smile:

Super cool. I just played with the demo version and it accurately imported Ai files with text exploded. It is nice to use software the actually does what it is supposed to do! No names (cough, Lasercut, cough) but I can’t tell you how happy this will make me. We are going to try out the hardware tomorrow night. I’ll see about our CTO sending you some info about getting the licenses. I’m guessing the space will get at least two copies and we will present it to the membership to see who else (I’ll be one of them).

Good times.

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