G0 rapid speed settings


is there a way to set Rapid speed to lower setting ?
Now its calculated from X and Y feed rates.

My limitation is my Y axis which max movement speed is 500mm/s.
But my X axis can run at 1000mm/s
If i set it like this, i get 750mm/s rapid speed and my Y motor is skipping steps, when laser head is moving to start position.

These settings are just for the sim, not the machine:

That said, the rapid speed in the controller is the maximum speed of whichever axis it is travelling along. If you lower the maximum speed for that axis, that becomes the new maximum rapid speed for that axis.

If you need to change your controller level maximum speed settings set them in Edit->Machine Settings.

$110, $111 and $112 – [X,Y,Z] Max rate, mm/min

I suggest you take a backup of any settings before you make changes.

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