G2/G3 circular moves

This question is prompted by a recent thread on supported G and M codes. I’ve been wondering why LightBurn generates G1 linear moves for a circle or arc instead of G2/G3 moves. I’m building a machine mostly for cutting and the G1 method obviously generates a lot more code than G2/G3 would. While I don’t see any particular issue with this I am curious as to the why. I can think of a couple of reasons but don’t want to assume! I also tried searching but G2 is too short a term. :slight_smile:

The DSPs we support only accept linear moves, and it simplifies the code to just convert everything. LightBurn internally doesn’t even have an arc representation - it’s all splines, and everything goes through our own subdivider before generating the machine codes. Almost all the gcode controllers subdivide internally, so the planner still ends up being the bottleneck, and the only thing it saves is disk space.

Thanks for the explanation!

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