Galvo Add-on License Needed for Xtool F1

Does anyone know if I need to purchase a Galvo Fiber Laser add-on to my existing account to support the new XTool F1 laser? I already have a license key for my diode laser and add-on for the Co2 lasers.

It appears to be a galvo, but I don’t know how it’s controller or if Lightburn will connect and control it.

Maybe @berainlb knows if this is a supported device…


Supposedly this laser is supported by LightBurn although I’ve not seen anything definitive about how that’s done. It’s not clear to me if this requires the galvo license or if this somehow works as a g-code device.

I believe the machine is a GCode controlled Galvo - so it will lack some features for proper digitally-controlled galvos.

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Plug it in and try it… if it’s grbl based, it should work… You have a licensed copy of Lightburn for your grbl and probably your co2.

It’s sold as Lightburn compatible. I don’t think it’s big enough to be a fiber… it’s a combo of a 455nm 10W and a 1064nm 2W

Good luck


Just plug and play. But you need to follow this instruction!