Galvo Auto rotate feature like EZ Cad 2

Is there a way to setup something like the auto-rotate feature of EZ Cad 2? I mean on each engraving count, the engraving angle is rotated by x degrees. so for example if the angle is set to 10 degrees, on continuous engravings, the first engraving count is at 0 deg, second time around its 10 deg, third 20 deg. Have I missed something?

For what I can see, in light burn you can select 1 alternate angle and on continue, it switches between original and that angle back and forth.


Hi, On my setup, this option just toggles back and forth. As described above, if I set this to 10 degrees and start engraving on continuous mode, light burn will alternate between 0 deg and 10 degrees. What EZCAD2 does, and what I’m looking for, is for the laser to spin the cut angle by 10 deg on every pass 0,10,20,30,40, etc…

Use the sub layer function and change the scan angle. Set up a different one for each angle you want.

While I haven’t used this option in LightBurn at this point, it’s supposed to operate how EZCad does. I think your best option is to e-mail LightBurn support with a bug report on that. They can offer advice and get it up to the developers to fix if it’s in fact operating incorrectly.

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