Galvo 'Continuous Rotation' mode REQUEST

I would like to request a feature that might only be for galvos.
I’d like to see a continuous rotation mode that can keep up with the speed galvo’s can run. If I use a split size that’s the same as line interval when using the rotary, the time to complete the job is three times as long compared to engraving in cylindar correction mode. Larger split size lowers job completion time but introduces gaps and overlaps on round objects that don’t have the same diameter across the entire area to be etched.

The object/rotary area is a fixed size…

If the rotaries position rolls over to zero, how will it know where it is?

It has to know how many steps away it is and that’s a finite number.

I would doubt this, as there is nothing that I’m aware of in controllers that allow you to go out of bounds infinitely on one axes and maintain where you are on the surface.

Another issue, if you are a tenth of a mm off in the diameter, it would accumulate the error on each rotation. In ten turns it would be off a mm.


It would treat the artwork as its boundary. Not a continuous roll in the literal sense of the word.
Im looking to adjust, or skew the artwork to accommodate for the moving of the material, or the continuous movement while the laser is active.

If the laser draws a straight line on top of a moving object that line would be at an angle. If that object was rotating, it appears like the edge of a drill bit. As I’m sure you’re aware, drill bit manufacturing doesn’t remove material step by step. Its done while the material is rotating.
The engine (software) could account for rotation speed and adjust for the curvature, based off of the diameter of the measured object. And like anything in software, tools can be added to accommodate variations in the material or by less than accurate measurements, like using overlap.

I hope that helps clear things up.

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