Galvo Fiber Laser - Red Dot Alignment

I am trying to center and align the work table holes with the laser on my Fiber laser (SFX 60 W JPT MOPA)?

I have my lens corrected and the red dot framing is good. I did use the LightBurn “Device Settings” to make sure the red dot framing projection is perfect.

I can adjust the Y origin of the laser focal point of the laser by moving the Galvo head and gantry toward the front of the work table using the gantry’s mount.

How do I get the X of the centering dot and framing aligned over the centerline of the worktable? As you can see in the photo, mine is off by +.5 mm X. I tried changing the red dot resting position in the LightBurn “Devic Settings”. I can get it to move the red dot but it doesn’t affect the centering of the framing when I do that. I want both the red dot and red dot framing to be centered with one another and with the laser’s work table. This is for my planned use of jigs and my desire to center them on work table (breadboard).

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