Galvo issue. 'You have no layers in your project set to output'

Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if it’s a known bug. I do have the layer set to ‘Output’, however, when I click the ‘Frame’ button, I am greeted with the following error and I cannot see the galvo scanning and showing me the preview I expect like it does in EZCad. Running macOS.

Please help. I am wanting to ditch EZCad as fast as possible. Thank you! :smiley:

Machine is a EMSmart Basic 20 watt.

I don’t have a galvo and can’t see your full screen but it looks like your workspace is defined very small (the square at the center of the design) and that your design is way larger than it.

Have you set your field size correctly in Device Settings?

Yes all of that is correct. The square is just the origin and looks to be a part of the intended UI compared to cartesian LightBurn. I can also confirm the design size is correct (shows as 37x46mm in the screenshot above)

I do not see a grid in your workspace, did you turn that off, or is this design outside the workspace area? Please show full screenshots. Show the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window as well, so we can check that. :slight_smile:

I think I see the issue. LightBurn did not import the markcfg7 file correctly. The field size is wrong and there’s no way to edit the values.

Ok the issue was not that, but I’ve confirmed it to be the COR (correction file) If you load the COR file generated by EZcad, the field size is changed incorrectly to 10x10mm. Must be a bug? I reproduced this by creating the new laser device with the markcfg7 file and was able to generate the red frame (issue of the first post). When I proceeded to load the COR file, the field size is changed to 10x10mm which is the new issue.

Can you attach the corfile? We have seen a few issues with factory generated em-smart corfiles.

My personal em-smart file set the limits to infinity.

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Hey Joe, while you replied I was out trying something and I think I found a quick fix (but want to tell you in case it’s a bug you can fix).

What I did to fix this, after loading the COR file, was to go into the Add Device screen again and click on the existing laser, and then change the field size to 124x124mm and then click done.

Another thing I noticed, In EZCad, with the COR file, the field is floating point, but LightBurn didn’t allow me to make the field size anywhere in between 123 and 124mm.

Would be nice to dial it in as close as possible. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Attached is the COR file as well. (I had to change the file extension to txt to be able to upload it here)

SN20220520B1O01E.cor.txt (66.5 KB)

Have you checked that the engraving size matches after you changed the field size? When I used a corfile AND modified the field size to something different, it threw off the scale of my objects. Try engraving a 10mm x 10mm square, for example, and make sure it measures to the actual size.

I just changed my field manually again to 128x128mm because a 20mm test rectangle was not the right size.

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