Galvo Laser Frames But Won't Lase

Hi Everyone, Thanks in advance for hearing me out. I’ll try to keep it short.

I have a Galvo SPI laser from 2014. It’s been working great with EZCAD2 but i want to transition to Lightburn. I’ve copied all my settings, no driver issues, Lightburn picked up the laser automatically, no issues there. It will frame, red dot on/off, the mirrors will move, but it refuses to actually fire the laser. Yes it’s in focus, no there are no hardware issues. A simple driver swap back to EZCAD2 and it fires perfectly. At this point i’ve swapped back and forth 3 dozen times troubleshooting so no there’s nothing wrong with the laser. Either Lightburn just wont work with my specific laser, or there’s some obvious setting i’m missing. I’ve messed with everyone from frequency to laser-type to ports, nothing fires the laser. It will pretend to mark (right light obviously shows movement) but the laser will never actually turn on to mark.

Sorry if i sound a bit curt and rude but i’ve been scouring these forums and the internet for a solution. Everyone suggests the simple stuff like "is your driver installed, “Is your laser out of focus”, and 99/100 yes that’s the issue, but it’s not the issue for me. I will be forever grateful if someone could point out what i’m doing wrong here.

Here are my EZCAD config info, and my Lightburn config info pics.

laser info ezcad 2
laser info ezcad

I don’t know what the difference between the two is, but the only one I’ve seen has the spi simmer current is at 80%… ?

There is a thread, but it was never really completed. They posted some of the configuration they have.

We have a few fiber laser users here and the Lightburn people also have them… don’t know the difference between the two controllers or lasers.


Thanks for the tip but i came across that thread already. I already tried setting my sip current from 10 to 100 in increments of 10 but it made no difference. I’ll stick with what my ezcad settings are which is 0.

I don’t even know what that does… I also don’t know how the spi board is different from the regular EZCad2…

Sometimes they recommend changing the source type. Mine’s a JPT, but I’ve heard of JPT users using one of the IPG types of controllers to get it to work.

Maybe @Rick can suggest a course of action…

Hang in there…


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