Galvo not central

Is it normal for a new machine’s laser red dot to not be centred on the bed? The manufacturer stated, “The centre point of the galvanometer is accurate, but it does not mean that it corresponds to the centre point of the bottom plate. Please follow the machine parameters, adjust the position of your jig, do not easily move the machine.” Since it can’t be manually adjusted to the center, how do others handle this issue to ensure accuracy without complex adjustments? My concern is that this explanation might be an excuse Thanks a lot.

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I have an M60 JPT M7 MOPA. I use the center of the work area for alignment. I use P on the keyboard to center it and go from there.

Since you can generally move the galvo head around relative to the platform.

But, I’m not following the actual problem you’re trying to solve.

There are offsets in the device settings and on the rotory gui, but I don’t use them.