Galvo not connecting

i have installed 1.2 lightburn and selected the galvo driver. the usb driver updates for the ezcad2 board.
then ezcad2 cannot no longer see the usb driver.
And light burn cannot see the ezcad2 board even though the driver is now saying alls good in device manager…if i roll back the lightburn ezcad2 driver to the original ezcad2 driver the ezcad2 software works again. it does not matter which way i install lightburn for galvo it stuffs up ezcad2 usb drivers.
ezcad2 works fine if i dont install the galvo support. windows 10 64bit home version. 50w fiber ezcad2 controller.

Try doing the Zadig driver swap method - that might work. When you look in Device Manager, what does it show for the device? (USBLMCV4 or similar?) Do you know which version of EzCad you’re running? Are you sure you have a real EzCad board and not a clone? (some clones work, and some don’t) Do you get any messages at all from LightBurn when trying to connect?

This is exactly how it works, yes. LightBurn uses a different driver than EzCad, replacing theirs. If you’re using LightBurn’s driver, EzCad won’t work, and if you’re using the EzCad driver, LightBurn won’t work. It’s the only way we were able to get the boards to communicate.

If you use the ‘Zadig’ driver installer, you can flip back and forth between the drivers very quickly. The devs here sometimes do this 10 times an hour - it only takes about 20 seconds when you’re used to it.

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